Frequently Asked Questions

How do you wash a sleeping bag properly?

What do I have to watch out for when washing my sleeping bag?

What does the temperature information on my Grüezi bag mean?

How do I correctly couple one sleeping bag with another?

What features do Grüezi bags have?

My sleeping bag has been damaged, what should I do?

If you heed help with any rips or holes, faulty zippers, need for reworking, cleaning or simply for sleeping bags that are getting on in years and need their material topped up, please do not hesitate to contact our cooperation partner:


How are animals whose products are used in our sleeping bags treated?

The wool filling for our Grüezi bag sleeping bags comes from sheep which spend their time happily on the Alps and have been shorn in an animal-friendly way.

The down we use to fill our sleeping bags is certified as RDS (Responsible Down Standard).

When you decide to choose one of our products with RDS-certified down, you can take comfort in the fact that you are supporting a responsible supply chain, as well as enjoying all the advantages of down. You can find further information on RDS certification here.

Grüezi bag sleeping bag RDS certificate

How warm are our children’s sleeping bags?

There is no longer any EN test for children’s sleeping bags. Children’s needs are simply too different. While one child may sweat at a certain temperature, another may feel cold. So the test was discontinued as children’s needs are much too diverse.

Having said this though: our single-ply sleeping bags for children are pure summer sleeping bags. They are designed for school trips and camping on warmer nights. We recommend the two-layer sleeping bag for more adventurous trips such as sleeping outdoors (scouts). It is significantly warmer and can be used in summer as well as during the transitional seasons.

Important: children should be supervised at all time and, especially when it becomes cold, be taken into their parents’ sleeping bag. In any case, it makes a difference whether you spend the night outdoors, in a tent or indoors, as the wind and the humidity play a crucial role in feeling warm and cold.

How do I correctly store a sleeping bag?

The most important thing is to store the sleeping bag loosely and airily – so either hanging freely or in a roomy storage bag. It should never be kept in the compression bag or in the sleeping bag compartment of your rucksack.

Does the wool scratch?

The wool is only used as a filling between the inner layers. You never come into contact with the wool.

Are there different sleeping bag sizes for different body sizes?

Yes, we have sleeping bags to suit people with a body lengths from 100 cm up to 205 cm. The names of our sleeping bags indicate the perfect sleeping bag size for you. Buy a sleeping bag that is suitable for your body size and which warms your body the best.

What are the different types of sleeping bags?

There are mummy-style sleeping bags and blanket sleeping bags.

Which sleeping bag material filling is best suited for damp regions?

Alpine wool and synthetic fibre material fillings are best suited for damp regions.

What is the best underlay for a sleeping bag?

The correct sleeping bag underlay needs careful thought, as there are various options here too.

You must use a thermal sleeping mat.

These can be foam or inflatable mats.

The Grüezi bag team recommends using an inflatable thermal mattress as it is more comfortable.

And there are some amazing space-savers available too.

The sleeping mat’s insulating effect is particularly important.

When sleeping, the sleeping bag’s filling gets compressed beneath the body weight – this applies both to down sleeping bags and synthetic sleeping bags, with the result that they can no longer store insulating air. This lack of insulation must therefore be compensated for by the sleeping mat. A thicker sleeping mat usually insulates better, but its structure is also significant. A honeycomb structure, for example, has a higher insulation factor.

A simple air mattress offers no insulation at all and we therefore do not recommend them.