Outdoor Service Team

One of the most important items of equipment for outdoor tours or in a tent is a good sleeping bag. In order to achieve performance during the day, you should be rested and relaxed and therefore never save on your sleeping bag. What can you do if the good piece gets damaged on the way? Who patches cuts or burn holes? Who repairs broken zippers? How do you extend the useful life?

Professionals at work - with defective sleeping bags

In this case, the concentrated specialist knowledge is required by experts. Outdoor Service Team in Berlin is a good partner for professional repairs. This workshop repairs almost everything that can still be saved. From the torn outer skin of the broken zipper to the lost filling. They also offer the service for gentle cleaning of down sleeping bags. The filling is removed, broken down is sorted out, cleaned and refilled.

Extend the life of your sleeping bag

The workshop 'Outdoor Service Team' also offers refilling or refilling of sleeping bags. Our DownWool material is on site. This allows you to increase the useful life of the sleeping bag in a sustainable way.


For tears or holes, defective zippers, reworking, cleaning (including down and hard shell jackets) or for sleeping bags that are getting old and need to be refilled:

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  Outdoor Service Team

Many defects can also be avoided by correct storage and proper transportation.
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