A balanced sleeping climate is a prerequisite for restful sleep. That's why we use the 100% natural DownWool® filling made of 70% top-quality down and 30% fine wool from the Alps in our duvets

DownWool Dreams Duvet Summer BioCotton
DownWool Dreams Duvet Summer BioCotton
DownWool Dreams Duvet Summer BioCotton

DownWool Dreams Duvet Summer BioCotton

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  • Better sleeping climate thanks to natural DownWool® filling
  • Positive influence on the skin and metabolism
  • Made in Germany
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Light summer duvet with innovative DownWool® filling

The new duvets from Grüezi bag® for at home, but also in the caravan, motorhome or van mean pure relaxation for people, body and skin. The “DownWool Dreams Duvet” duvets are the first duvets in the world to have the patented DownWool® filling as insulation.

Feel the difference!

At Grüezi bag® the focus is on the best sleeping comfort: that is

  • an evenly pleasant climate under the blanket, for which Grüezi bag® has already won several awards. The unique filling combination of 70% finest down and 30% wool guarantees a wonderful, balanced sleeping environment.
  • Furthermore, a skin-friendly outer material and an elaborate chamber system of the DownWool® Dreams duvets ensure a feel-good effect from the first moment under the blanket.


An elaborate chamber system prevents the DownWool® filling from slipping. This ensures that the filling remains evenly distributed in the long term and that no cold bridges form.

The cassette ceiling with 150 smaller chambers (165 chambers for size 155x220) also adapts perfectly to the shape of the body, even to small children's sizes. This means that the entire body is evenly covered and you feel wonderfully protected despite the luxurious lightness of this blanket.

Exterior fabric

In addition to the DownWool® filling and its quilting, the down-tight woven cover of our Grüezi bag® duvets is exceptional: it feels incredibly soft and gentle on the skin and is made from 100% high-quality organic cotton.

Optimal sleeping environment thanks to natural down and wool filling

The special thing about the DownWool® duvet is its innovative insulation: it creates a warm, dry body climate and compensates for temperature fluctuations, ideal for people who sweat easily or suffer from hot flashes.

This is achieved through natural high-end DownWool® insulation. It is a mixture of 70% high-quality RDS-certified down and 30% wool from the Alpine region (patent pending). The combination acts like a light and natural air conditioning system and offers significant advantages over pure down or wool blankets:

  • Nothing insulates as well as high-quality down, because down has a very high insulation performance with a low weight.
  • However, down only insulates as long as it is dry and fluffy. As humidity increases, the fine branches of the down collapse, the down clumps and the insulation ability decreases significantly. Chemical agents are often used to make the down water-repellent.
  • With DownWool®, the treatment of the down becomes unnecessary thanks to the addition of wool. This means that wool naturally keeps the down drier and thus maintains the insulating effect of the down.
  • Wool can absorb and release up to 30% of its own weight in moisture through its capillaries. This not only ensures effective humidity regulation, but also temperature regulation. Even when wet, it retains its warming properties, something no other material can do. Wool naturally creates a cozy and pleasant microclimate thanks to its unique climate-balancing properties.
  • Thanks to the unique effectiveness of DownWool® insulation, the body can save itself some of the energy-consuming work of regulating body temperature. The energy saved is available for regeneration while you sleep.

This is what distinguishes the “DownWool Dreams Duvet Summer BioCotton” duvet:

  • The outside is made of skin-friendly organic cotton.
  • The blanket feels fluffy and light thanks to the use of high-quality down.
  • antibacterial through wool
  • easy to care for and washable
  • also suitable for waterbeds
  • Thanks to the down-tight woven outer fabric, the blanket is also recommended for those who are allergic to house dust mites.
  • What is unique about DownWool® duvets is their innovative insulation: DownWool® is a natural insulation made from 70% down and 30% wool and combines the advantages of both natural materials: very good insulation and a pleasant feel-good climate.


  • Temperature range : The special thing about DownWool® duvets is the wide temperature range in which you feel comfortable and can sleep well. The “DownWool Dreams Duvet Summer BioCotton” duvet is suitable for the whole summer for sleepers with a low need for warmth.
  • Size: The duvet is available in extra length in the sizes 135 x 220 cm (capacity 390 g DownWool®, 150 chambers) and 155 x 220 cm (capacity 440 g DownWool®, 165 chambers).
  • Weight : from approx. 1,080 g + storage bag
  • Outer fabric: 100% organic cotton
  • Filling: DownWool® made from 70% duck down (90/10 with fill power at least 650 cuin) and 30% mechanically refined wool
  • Material identification: Cover 100% cotton, filling 70% down/30% wool - contains non-textile parts of animal origin.
  • Construction : The elaborate chamber system with 140 small chambers prevents the filling from slipping and the blanket adapts perfectly to the shape of the body.
  • Included in delivery : duvet, storage bag.
  • Area of ​​application: The ideal summer duvet for every home, but also in caravans, roof tents, motorhomes and vans.


  • Grüezi bag® is a CO₂- neutral
  • Animal welfare : RDS-certified down (RDS CU 859743), mulesing-free sheep's wool from Europe
  • The cover is made of organic cotton .
  • Short transport routes : We have the cassette covers sewn in Europe. DownWool® production and filling of the covers takes place in Germany.
  • Repair service
  • Easy care : The duvet can be washed at a maximum of 30°C/86°F by hand or in the large washing machine on the wool cycle. The down must be completely dry until the item feels more filled than before.

With a duvet you are in direct skin contact, so we only use high quality materials that are free from harmful toxins. All our materials are OEKO-TEX® certified.

Grüezi bag schaut auf das Tierwohl

For nature!

The environment is also important to us, in order to conserve resources we use recycled or natural materials wherever possible.

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