Faithful DownWool Skirt
Faithful DownWool Skirt
Faithful DownWool Skirt
Faithful DownWool Skirt
Faithful DownWool Skirt

Faithful DownWool Skirt

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  • Innovative DownWool & Alpine Wool insulation
  • Elaborate cut with perfect freedom of movement
  • Robust, windproof and water-repellent material
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Available from autumn 2024

Unique feel-good climate thanks to DownWool® insulation made from 70% down and 30% wool!

The “DownWool Skirt” from Grüezi bag® is the first skirt in the world with DownWool® insulation, an innovative blend of wool and down. It is the ideal companion in frosty temperatures on the mountain, when a sweaty climb requires thin trousers, but an insulating layer is needed during breaks or descents. It also cuts a fine figure in everyday winter life, such as when strolling through town, walking the dog or at the Christmas market, and keeps you warm from the lumbar vertebrae to above the knees.

Feel the difference!

The Grüezi bag® brand focuses on the best wearing comfort and functionality: the skirt

  • has a uniformly pleasant feel-good climate;
  • has a comfortable cut that ensures sufficient freedom of movement;
  • is also a technical mountain sports skirt that is light and small when packed.

Feel-good climate

The special thing about this skirt is its innovative insulation with DownWool®: It creates a dry body climate and compensates for temperature fluctuations that occur between periods of exercise and rest or when moving from inside to outside. In DownWool® clothing you quickly feel that you are not getting too cold or too warm.

This is achieved through the innovative mix of natural materials down and wool. The combination is patent pending and acts like a light and natural air conditioning system. The DownWool® skirt offers significant advantages over pure down or synthetic fiber skirts:

  • Nothing insulates as well as high-quality down, because down has a very high insulation performance with a low weight.
  • However, down only insulates as long as it is dry and fluffy. As humidity increases, the fine branches of the down collapse, the down clumps and the insulation ability decreases significantly.
  • Chemical agents are often used to make the down water-repellent. With DownWool®, the treatment of the down becomes unnecessary thanks to the addition of wool: wool naturally keeps the down drier and thus maintains the insulating effect of the down.
  • Wool can absorb up to 30% of its own weight in moisture via its capillaries and release it back to the outside in a measured amount - so that no evaporative cooling occurs. This not only ensures effective moisture regulation, but also body temperature regulation. Even when wet, it retains its warming properties, something no other material can do. Wool naturally creates a cozy and pleasant microclimate thanks to its unique climate-balancing properties. The wool also neutralizes unpleasant sweat odors.
  • Thanks to the unique effectiveness of DownWool® insulation, your body can save itself some of the energy-consuming work of regulating body temperature.
  • The result is good insulation and a pleasant feel-good climate in the skirt from cooler autumn to winter days.
  • The filling has been used in Grüezi bag® sleeping bags for years and has won many awards.


A sophisticated cut with a stretchy waistband at the back, extended back and a full-length zipper on the left side ensures optimal freedom of movement.


The “DownWool Skirt” is multifunctional, light, stowable, very robust and equipped with many technical features:

  • External pocket on the right side with zip
  • The skirt can be stored small and transported in the included packing bag.
  • The YKK zipper can be opened and closed from either end. Thanks to Auto-Lock, it cannot open accidentally or stops at any point without opening further. The tag on the zipper makes it easy to open even when wearing gloves. The skirt can be opened completely. This means it can be put on quickly and easily and the shoes can be left on.
  • The zipper has an underlaid zipper cover to prevent wind from entering, heat from escaping and cold spots from forming.
  • windproof and highly water-repellent
  • Construction: V-shaped chamber construction (slanted chambers, slim look) with DownWool® insulation, insensitive, quick-drying lavalan® AlmWolle insulation on the waistband.
  • Scope of delivery: skirt, pack sack



  • The washing instructions are in the inside pocket of the skirt.
  • The skirt can be washed by hand with a down detergent at a maximum of 30°C/86°F or in the washing machine on the wool cycle. Please turn inside out, close the zipper, do an additional rinse cycle and do not use fabric softener.
  • Take the item out of the machine, loosen it up a little and then just spin it lightly at the end (max. 600 revolutions)!


  • Tumble dry at max. 60 °C/140 °F and be sure to add 2-3 tennis balls for better fluffing.
  • Please carry out several drying cycles and after each drying cycle, take the item out of the machine, shake it well or loosen it up and let it cool down in between.
  • The dryer must be set to a timer program to completely dry the down.
  • If a dryer is not used, the skirt can be placed on a drying rack on sunny days and shaken frequently to allow air to reach the skirt from above and below.

When is the drying process completed?

    • If the item is still not at its original thickness, the drying procedures will need to be repeated until the skirt feels more filled than before.
    • Depending on the waterproofness of the outer material, the drying process can take different lengths of time (at least 2 days, depending on the dryer model).
  • The down must be completely dry. If the skirt has not been properly dried and fluffed, there is a risk that the down feathers will clump together. This means the skirt is irreparably damaged. Damp down can smell, which disappears when it dries.


  • Down products should be tumble dried from time to time or after each tour with tennis balls to remove excess moisture.
  • Airing the skirt is better than washing. A DownWool® skirt rarely needs to be washed because wool itself has natural odor-inhibiting and dirt-repellent properties. If there is small external dirt, we recommend that you only gently clean the stain itself (see above); greasy and extensively soiled skirts can be washed in the washing machine.


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