Rejka Hamra light
Rejka Hamra light
Rejka Hamra light
Rejka Hamra light

Rejka Hamra light

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Do you like being in the mountains, but don't feel like spending the night in overcrowded mountain huts? Then our Hamra light is your perfect companion. Our 2-person dome tent is super quick and easy to set up and will keep you dry in any weather. The Hamra light can even withstand gusts of wind of up to 100 km/h without any problems. In such weather, however, you should close the large entrance fully and snuggle up in the separate inner tent. Thanks to the large vestibules, your equipment is also safely dry, because water from above or below doesn't really bother the Hamra light. With its minimalist pack size of 37×17 cm, our dome tent takes up little space and is not bulky. Thanks to the use of new materials, the interior is much lighter and friendlier than its predecessor, the Zatara light. So that you can really have your new outdoor home with you anytime and anywhere, we haven't skimped on comfort but on weight. At just under 2.5 kilos, the Hamra light is a real lightweight among dome tents and gives you more autonomy and freedom on your tours.

What is very important to us at Rejka:
We attach great importance to longevity and the resulting sustainability. That's why we work in our Light series with robust 40D fabric, which is very tear-resistant at almost 8 kg thanks to the silicone coating and offers a reserve that can be decisive for a failure or success of the tour in extreme cases. You will therefore never find the lightest tents on the market at Rejka, but you will certainly find those that score with comfort, reliability and durability.

Features / Material / Dimensions / Weights

General information Rejka Hamra light:

Very light dome tent for 2 people
Trekking tent with a ridge pole and an assembled complete frame
Internal, color anodized linkage. First the inner tent is set up and then the outer skin is laid over it and fixed. Construction time approx. 4-5 minutes

Features outer tent:

  • 2 entrances, opposite on both sides, can be completely rolled up
    Advantage: Possible panoramic view and perfect ventilation
  • 2 vestibules, each on the front entrance side, approx. 60 cm deep, with integrated fan. Advantage: enough space for 2 backpacks, shoes, cooker, dog etc..
  • Four fans, one on each side, fitted with mosquito net
    Advantage: Very good ventilation, even when the inner tent is closed
  • Double anchoring on all pole arches.
    Advantage: Storm stability is significantly increased.
  • Reflection points on the guy lines.
    Advantage: The tent is much easier to find at night and in fog.

Properties inner tent:

  • Coated, breathable inner tent
    Advantage: Breathing air is easily transported away from the inner tent to the outside. The coating makes it much more difficult for condensation to drip through.
  • Floor is very high all around on all sides
    Advantage: Very good protection against splash water in heavy rain
  • Mosquito net insert in the upper door area, which is also fully lockable!
    Advantage: Significantly better ventilation when required or protection against too much draft in cold, windy weather
  • Very steep walls and generously proportioned
    Advantage: Incredible sense of space with very good headroom
  • 2 pockets at the foot and head ends
    Advantage: In the dark, utensils are easy to find and immediately accessible


Outer tent: 100% nylon, 40D ripstop, silicone-coated on both sides, 3,000 mm wc
Inner tent: 100% nylon, 30D ripstop, impregnated
Inner tent floor: 100% nylon, 210T, 70D polyurethane coated, 10,000 mm wc
Poles: 1 ridge pole and a complete frame already connected, aluminum T6, Ø 8.5 mm
18 Y pegs included


Outer tent: 240x240x110 cm (L x W x H)
Inner tent lying area: 225x125x100 cm (L x W x H)
Pack size: 39 x 18 cm.

If the poles are removed and transported separately, the pack size can be drastically reduced!


Tent complete including pegs: 2,600 g


Tent footprint: 350 g without vestibule
Groundsheet: 100% nylon, 210T, PU coated, 3,000 mm wc

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