Rejka Antao II light
Rejka Antao II light
Rejka Antao II light
Rejka Antao II light
Rejka Antao II light

Rejka Antao II light

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Our classic among the two-man tents, the Antao II light will make your heart beat faster with joy. It offers space for both you and one other person and thanks to the existing vestibule your luggage does not have to be outside. If necessary, you could even cook there – always with due caution, of course. Due to its low weight, our two-man tent is also suitable for longer tours without putting too much strain on you. The construction is super easy and can be done incredibly quickly with the help of the colour-coded tent poles. This may give you the crucial minutes if the weather takes a sudden turn and you need reliable rain protection. Because our two-man tent offers you this with its outer tent, which is silicone-coated on both sides and its floor made of polyamide with a polyurethane coating. The coating of the floor is very important to us at Rejka, as a high water column is also an indication of long durability. All Rejka tents have a floor coating with a water column of 10,000 mm, so that the tent remains absolutely waterproof even in very heavy and persistent rain.
Even if the wind blows a little stronger, you can enjoy your night calm and dry in the Antao II light and rest for the next stage. So if you are looking for another reliable companion for your next trekking adventure, then you will love the two-man tent. We don't necessarily have to mention that it's also inexpensive, robust, durable and UV-stable, right? But beware! When you this
If you choose Antao II light as your new outdoor home, you might not want to move at all.

What is very important to us at Rejka:
We attach great importance to longevity and the resulting sustainability. That's why we work in our Light series with robust 40D fabric, which is very tear-resistant at almost 8 kg thanks to the silicone coating and offers a reserve that can be decisive for a failure or success of the tour in extreme cases. You will therefore never find the lightest tents on the market at Rejka, but you will certainly find those that score with comfort, reliability and durability.

Features / Material / Dimensions / Weights

General information Rejka Antao II light:

Very light tunnel tent for 1-2 people
Trekking tent with 2 poles of different lengths.
Outer poles anodized in color: When setting up in the rain, the pre-attached inner tent stays dry, so that you can move into your bed for the night within 3-5 minutes if necessary.

Features outer tent:

  • 1 front entrance with integrated fan
  • 1 vestibule in front approx. 110 cm long.
    Enough space for backpack, shoes, cooker
  • Fully closable vent with mosquito net at foot end
    Advantage: protection of the inner tent from snow, sand and heavy rain
  • Double bracing on the pole arches.
    Advantage: Storm stability is significantly increased.
  • Reflection points on the guy lines.
    Advantage: The tent is much easier to find at night and in fog.
  • Color-coded linkage slots
    Advantage: Time savings during assembly, since the rods can be assigned to the respective rod channel immediately. An invaluable convenience even when setting up in the twilight or even at night
  • Roll-up ventilation
    Advantage: The roll ventilation attached to the foot section allows good ventilation in summer heat and thus a pleasant tent climate. In the morning, the tent can be ventilated quickly, so that condensation can be minimized here. This way the tent dries faster on the inside and you save weight, as condensation can easily weigh more than 150 grams.

Properties inner tent:

  • Coated, breathable inner tent
    Advantage: Breathing air is easily transported away from the inner tent to the outside. The coating makes it much more difficult for condensation to drip through.
  • Floor is very high all around on all sides
    Advantage: Very good protection against splash water in heavy rain
  • Mosquito net insert in the upper door area, which can also be fully locked
    Advantage: Significantly better ventilation when required
  • 2 pockets at the entrance door and in the middle area for small things. Advantage: In the dark, utensils are easy to find and immediately accessible


Outer tent: 340x140x100 cm (L x W x H)
Inner tent lying area: 220x125x90 cm (L x W x H)

Pack size: 36 x 15 cm. If the poles are removed and transported separately, the pack size can be drastically reduced!

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